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How to find the diet that works for you.

Here are a list of ways to discover your best dietary practice to look and feel awesome (in no particular order). But first a hard truth: Your diet best reflects your appearance. If you dont look how you want to look, then your diet is not right for you. I dont care which celebrity trainer wrote about it on twitter and I dont care which magazine or doctor encourages it. If your body sux then your diet sux (oh, and it is not a lack of cardio – here’s a post that explains why).

  1. Whatever diet you are doing right now, do for 4 weeks. If you see no change then it is wrong. Dont stick with it longer, you are kidding yourself. In fact, most diets that are any good will have you drop at least a couple kilos of fluid in the first couple weeks.
  2.  Do the opposite of what you are doing. Draw a circle on a piece of paper. Now divide it into 3 sections – one for how much carb you eat, one for protein and one for fat, just do it roughly. Whatever it looks like, now reverse it for a month.
  3. Stop kidding yourself about moderation. “Everything in moderation” – gets the award for the most used cop out ever in dieting history. The average person who tells me they eat in moderation eats cereal for brekky, a sandwhich for lunch and rice and meat for dinner. And maybe a little chocolate. Your diet is 80% grain based carbs you idiot – that is not moderation! Try this: for every meal you eat that has carbs, have one that doesnt. For every meal that doesnt contain a serve of fat, have one that does. Then tell me about moderation.
  4. If you try a new diet plan, do it for more than 4 days before giving up. Just coz you didnt lose a ton of weight on your first week doesnt mean you should go back to what you where doing.
  5. Dont go back to what you are used to. Seriously, I know so many people that are happy to be unhappy as long as they dont get fatter. God damn crap hell people! Dont stick with what you have always done just because you know that you wont get fatter doing that. Put your balls on the line and try new things until you crack that nut! Playing it safe sux and will never take you to the next level.
  6. Dont kid yourself that you dont need supplements. You do. You need them because our soils suck (where the food grows) and because you dont always eat well. Supplements will get you there faster if they are good quality.
  7. If you want a role model, dont choose someone who is obviously a good genetic example (like those tv trainers). If being in the fitness industry for 10 years has taught me anything its that some people are just genetically better. This person will generally look good without much effort. You do not want to follow that person. You want to find someone who is in good shape that bitches about how hard it is to get it and  maintain it. That person has been through the ringer and will have actual experiences to help you with your journey. Oh by the way, if you are not in the shape you want to be in then you arent one of those genetically gifted people, but you can still get in AWESOME shape!
  8. Dont get your dietary information from magazines or mainstream television programs. These people just want to sell you stuff! They dont want you to get healthy because then you will stop buying their exercise machines, diet shakes, pills, power bars, energy drinks and other crap. If you saw it in the media then it is most likely and ADD! Also, if you do feel empowered by tv information then feel free not to tell your trainer thereby forcing them to hold back from slapping you.
  9. Pay for your dietary information. Time has taught me that the worst advice is free advice. Try a few professionals out, find someone you trust and pay for their time and experience. Dont trust anyone that looks crap – especially doctors and dieticians that are obviously not healthy themselves. Being tight with your money will just extend how long it takes you to change.
  10. Have a glass of water before you eat anything. No explanation just try it.
  11. If you are carrying weight specifically around your hips and midsection (the doughnut midsection) then you are eating too much carbohydrate. Please no delusional arguments to the contrary here. If it is, then you are.
  12. Dont do what your friend did, just because it worked for her. You are not her, stop trying to be. Be your totally individual self.
  13. Listen to what your body wants and needs. Sometimes you just need chocolate. Sometimes i just feel like juice or some alcoholic cider or egg yokes. Whatever it is you should be aware of your random nutritional needs. Dont ignore them because you are on low carb or whatever.
  14. Keep a food diary. Write down how each meal makes you feel (e.g. bloated, tired, full, jittery, spacey etc).
  15. Stick with it. You can work it out, you are meant to be lean, dont ever give up!

Ultimately, I have realised that you are not meant to follow a specific, structured diet. You need this at the start to be able to work out what does and doesnt work. Eventually however, you are supposed to be able to learn to satisfy your body’s needs from moment to moment each day. This is incredibly fun because you will go days ‘eating well’ and then suddenly get a craving for pizza or chips or pink grapefruit or whatever and be able to eat it without concern.

No fear, keep trying until you work it out!

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