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Alcoholism: Why it’s fun and a theory on how to stop it.

Read any article or website about health and fitness and it will tell you that you need to deny yourself. No carbs, no alcohol, no sugar, avoid late nights, no big meal at night, smaller portion sizes, use less water blah blah blah. Im suffocating in a friggin’ healthy ecological bubble! Rant aside, the denial process is bullsh!t and doesnt work and Im going to show you why.

Wherever our innate desires come from (soul, God, mind, fate, fairies – Im not sure) they arrive for a reason. I believe that life is about experience and that our inner desires drive us towards particular experiences that we need to have to grow as a person. There are no right or wrongs in this other than what we choose to judge about ourselves and others. So when these desires stream through us the best thing you can do is let them out and enjoy them, no matter what they are. If you could learn to do this fully then your body would look and feel as good as you want it to.

The problem we run into today is that we have a denial culture. “But?” I hear you say. “If we are denying ourselves, then why is alcoholism is at its worst?” I believe this is because we have denied ourselves for so long that our need to get free is exploding out into society like a rebellious two year old who has been told “No you cant!” Our desires are a stream and you can only plug them up for so long. The harder you repress, the more it will build up and need to explode out of you at some point.

Why is alcoholism so rampant? How do you act when you are drunk? Do you have more of a tendency to say whatever you feel? Are you more likely to do childish silly things just for the fun of it? Do you make yourself more available to enjoy sex with people when ordinarily you would hold yourself back? People drink because it allows a sense of freedom that most of us do not enjoy when we are living our daily lives. Think about it. You cant say negative things to people, even if you mean them, because its socially unacceptable. If you were to roll up to work in a shopping trolley pushed by your mates then you would probably be reprimanded by your boss or may lose clients. You probably know of a guy or girl that you think is pretty special but you never ask them out because you are too afraid of the shame of rejection. We are constantly holding ourselves back because of the fear our mind creates for us.

Alcoholism is not a reflection of peoples desire to drink fermented grapes and grain, it is reflective of our need to be fully expressive as human beings. We are denying that which we need to get out and express and it is making us a serious and intellectually dominated, fear of embarassment society.

Here are my practical thoughts on how to cure yourself of the need or want to drink.

1. Go get drunk with some friends, somewhere out in public. You will probably find that its a really good time and that you wake up feeling rusty but with a general sense of “yeah, that was fun”.

2. Hopefully you can remember what you got up to (if not ask your mates, thats why you went out with them). Make a list of all the things that you did that you wouldnt ordinarily have done  if you hadnt had a skinfull.

3. Look at the list. Those things that are not ordinary behaviour are probably the areas of your life that you are holding yourself back on. If you talked to girls, then do it sober. If you danced like a maniac, do it sober. If you hugged your best mate and told him that you loved him, well I think you are getting the picture.

4. If you struggle with your new behavioural tasks, go do it again! Im not saying that drinking is good for you, it is not. However, I am saying that holding back on the desires that are so obviously there when you are tanked IS WORSE for you than the booze.

The above has been my experience and in fact I was amazed to discover that after several years of living alcohol free (and very held back) and on a very strict diet that my body actually looked BETTER for a while during my drunken self awareness campaign. I believe this is due to the fact that I was having so much fun and feeling so free that my body became more balanced.

If you do this properly then you do not have to worry about becoming addicted to alcohol. At some point you will do it enough that your innate desires will suddenly tell you to start doing things differently and you will give it the flick. If you are really afraid of what the alcohol might do to your body, no problem, man up and go do it all sober!

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